Step Up Your Game and Hire Atlanta’s Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company

Your business deserves to work with a professional commercial cleaning service today. 

Wondering which commercial cleaning service in Atlanta to go with for your business? Read this inclusive guide to find out. 

Workplace hygiene takes center stage as businesses slowly reopen, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, 66% of employees believe that a clean workplace is more critical now than ever before, and 62% of employees would feel much safer if they saw cleaning professionals at their workplace regularly. 

Now is the perfect time to hire the best commercial cleaning service Atlanta has to offer. Even beyond the pandemic, there are plenty of good reasons you need a professional cleaning service for your business, as outlined below. 


Top 10 Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta 

1. Save on Time and Money 

It may make sense to ask employees to clean the workplace, but that translates to a significant loss of resources. Time spent on cleaning would be otherwise put to better use, while the quality of cleaning may lead to;

  • Wastage
  • Potential injuries
  • Increased wear-and-tear on your workplace equipment and surfaces

It’s better to partner with a commercial cleaning service to do a thorough job every time. 

2. Improved Productivity 

When professionals clean, employees become even more motivated to come to work. A dirty, cluttered, or poorly maintained workplace makes you feel exhausted, disconnected and stressed. Choose a commercial cleaning service in Atlanta that takes care of your facility from floor to ceiling. 

You want employees to walk into work knowing that they’re in a clean, functional space. This also encourages a culture of cleanliness in the workplace. Your team becomes more aware of their hygiene habits, so they’re more likely to pick up after themselves to maintain cleanliness standards. 

3. Healthier Team 

Workplace illnesses aren’t just limited to the flu season. In fact, 84% of all non-fatal workplace injuries happen through slipping, falling, contact with equipment, and allergic reactions. 

All of these are preventable through regular commercial cleaning services in Atlanta. Chances of injury and illness are significantly reduced when your facility is clean and well maintained. 

You also avoid potential hazards like mold, which lingers in walls, ceilings, carpets, and air ducts. Pests like cockroaches, rats, and flies also turn up in the workplace because of food crumbs. 

Regular cleaning means that pests have no chance to settle in and disrupt your workplace. Clean carpets also have fewer allergens trapped in the workplace, meaning fewer sick days and more revenue for your business. 

4. Protection and Safety 

Cleaning the workplace can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You may be susceptible to harsh cleaning products and bulky machinery or injure yourself when cleaning difficult places like ceilings and stairs. 

This reveals a business to lawsuits if an employee gets hurt while cleaning. Leave the workplace cleaning work to the pros and focus your firm on what it does best. Commercial cleaning services pros in Atlanta have the experience and insurance for everyone’s peace of mind. 

5. Make a Great First Impression 

A professionally cleaned establishment makes every customer or client say, “Wow!” Polished surfaces, spotless carpets, clean equipment, fresh air, impeccable bathrooms–all these qualities communicate a highly professional business. 

If your company can take great care of its workspace and employees, your customers perceive you as more trustworthy. The more sanitized the facility, the more money your customers bring in. This means you’ll gain faster returns by simply working with a commercial cleaning company. 

6. Flexible Cleaning Schedules 

Depending on your industry, your customers may prefer to see cleaners at your facility or have them out of sight. Commercial cleaning services offer flexible schedules to meet your needs. 

For example, you can choose a specific time frame, whether daily, weekly, or even custom-timed cleaning. You can even select certain areas in the facility that need cleaning. It’s up to you to determine what works best for your customers and employees. 

7. Guaranteed Consistent Results 

A professional cleaning company knows all the trade secrets to get your facility in top shape every single time. We all know those spots that are so hard to reach, where dust, dirt, and debris accumulate. 

Such details may catch a customer’s eye: the chair legs, the corner plants, the sconces, the shelves, and the cabinets. An immaculate facility simply scores more points in your customer experience. After all, it’s much better to be known for cleanliness than clutter and dirt. 

8. No Cleaning Inventory Required 

Commercial cleaning companies come fully prepared with specialized cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and accessories. The team unloads their gear, goes to work on your facility, packs it all up, and then leaves. 

As a business, this means that you don’t have to worry about or inventory janitorial items to maintain or allocate space for cleaning equipment storage on-premise. All you need is to provide access to your workplace, and the cleaning company will do the rest. You can therefore organize your workplace for more efficiency. 

9. Asset Durability  

Professional cleaning is a major saving when it comes to increasing the life of your workplace assets. Just imagine the cost of replacing carpets or hardwood floors in your facility. Even at a discounted rate, it’s still more expensive per square foot than hiring a cleaning service even at a discounted rate. 

Regular, thorough cleaning means that your floors, walls, windows, plumbing, and lighting fixtures will remain in excellent condition for years to come. Regular cleaning also means that you can identify any cracks, faults, or other flaws in your assets early enough for repairs. 

This, in turn, lowers your maintenance costs, in the long run, so you can better manage your overhead costs.  

10. Faster Emergency Recovery 

Fire and water damage are the most common emergencies that affect commercial properties. And while businesses may have adequate disaster insurance, you certainly want to get right back to work as soon as possible. 

Experienced commercial cleaning service providers in Atlanta offer recovery services to cut down the losses from fire, water, and mold. They can also restore any damaged equipment and furnishings and help with filing insurance claims after the emergency. 


How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Service in Atlanta 

With these clear advantages of working with a professional commercial cleaning service, how do you choose the best company to partner with? Here are the major factors to consider. 

1. Research  

There are many commercial cleaning services in Atlanta these days, but you need to choose the best fit for your facility’s needs. Gather leads from other businesses, or search online. 

The ideal commercial cleaning service offers a full range of cleaning options, a flexible schedule, value-based pricing, and experience in different types of commercial spaces. Write a shortlist of your best picks, and then contact them to learn more about their services. 

2. References 

Don’t just settle for a commercial cleaning company’s online reviews and testimonials. Go the extra step and ask them for recommendations from previous and current clients. A reputable commercial cleaning service will gladly offer suggestions upon request. 

Listen to what those clients have to say about working with their services in terms of punctuality, quality of cleaning, communication style, etc. 

3. Covid-19 Cleaning Standards 

Today, cleaning services must comply with disinfection and sterilization standards to keep shared spaces sanitized. An experienced commercial cleaning service readily breaks down all their cleaning techniques to keep your property compliant. 

Check that they use specialized cleaning equipment and protective gear to maintain germ-free surfaces. Pay attention to their cleaning methods for heavy traffic and high contact areas in your facility. 

4. Schedule Flexibility

Sometimes everyday operations require you to reschedule your cleaning times. The right commercial cleaning service company is flexible enough to adapt to your needs quickly. If your meetings run late into the night, or if you have visitors coming to your facility, the cleaning service should be easy to notify and adjust accordingly. 

5. Communication Options 

Speaking of flexible schedules, this is only possible if you know the best way to reach your commercial cleaning company. Find out what works for the service since some companies prefer emails while others prefer calls. 

Some cleaning services may also assign a team leader in charge of cleaning your facility, who is always on call, especially in case of an emergency. Communication also means resolving the challenges that arise with commercial cleanings, such as if items break or go missing. 

6. Sustainable Cleaning Products 

Gone are the days of using super harsh chemicals to clean our spaces. Your ideal commercial cleaning service needs to consider its cleaning products carefully. 

Choose a service that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions that cause no harm to your equipment, employees, customers, or the environment at large. Combined with expert cleaning techniques, these products give your space a thorough clean with zero corrosion or toxicity. 

7. Registration and Insurance 

Check that your cleaning service has up-to-date qualifications and licenses to match building and maintenance standards. A professional commercial cleaning service in Atlanta should also have adequate liability insurance. This protects your company from lawsuits if any cleaning service team member suffers injuries while working in your facility. 

Partner with the Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Service in Atlanta 

Father & Sons Cleaning Service meets all the above criteria and much more. We have over 40 years of cleaning experience in Atlanta, Georgia and we serve a variety of customers like: 

  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals and medical facilities 
  • Daycares and schools 
  • Government offices 
  • Retail stores 
  • Churches 
  • Banks 
  • Industrial properties 
  • Strip malls

No matter the size of your facility, our commercial cleaning services are available for you. We work with all our clients to determine how often you need cleaning: smaller facilities may benefit from a twice-weekly cleaning schedule, but larger facilities may require up to 5 days a week of cleaning due to high traffic.

Tip: Start with a free quote to get an idea of how often and how much cleaning will cost for your particular workplace. We offer fully customized cleaning maintenance programs to meet your particular needs. But keep in mind that the general rule is that floor care and carpet cleaning costs depend on the square footage in your property. 

Our services include: 

  • Post-construction cleaning, including refuse removal, vacuuming, polishing, stripping, and waxing. 
  • Comprehensive commercial cleaning customized to your facility.
  • High-quality floor care through stripping and waxing.
  • Hot water carpet cleaning uses high-pressure hot water to clean your carpets thoroughly. This improves air quality, reduces wear and tear, and prevents allergens. 
  • Pressure washing for walkways, parking lots, sidewalks, and entrances.  
  • Window cleaning for any building size, from single story to warehouses and skyscrapers. 
  • Touchpoint cleaning according to CDC and WHO guidelines and protocols. 

Top Cleaning Team, Sustainable Cleaning Products 

At Father & Sons Cleaning Service, we screen, train, and supervise our team to guarantee high-quality artistry. 

We also require our team to undergo background checks if assigned to a security-sensitive facility. All our clients receive a complete list of our cleaning team’s names, and we arrive at your location in appropriate gear and name tags. 

On top of that, Father & Sons Cleaning Service relies on 100% eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies. We ensure that every surface in your facility stays cleaned and refreshed using safe, certified, cruelty-free products created by the award-winning green cleaning company, Eco Concepts Inc

Bonus: We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide the best quality commercial cleaning in Atlanta today. The Father & Sons Cleaning Service guarantees that our team and yours get protection from accidents and liabilities that come with commercial cleaning activities. 

Get Started with Father & Sons Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta and Throughout Georgia 

A professional commercial cleaning service is well worth the investment. You can save plenty of precious dollars and make lots more by simply maintaining your facility with the best possible hygiene standards. 

A well-maintained facility attracts new customers, keeps employees happy, and ultimately improves your bottom line. Are you ready to get started? Father & Sons Cleaning Service is ready to help. Get in touch with us today for your free estimate. 

Call us at 770-692-1814, email us, or fill out our quick and easy online form. Make a difference in your facility with Father & Sons today!

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