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Providing customers with our pest control services in Ankeny is like a stone throw away. With our professional pest control services covering a whole lot of insects and rodents that can make your home feel like a jungle, we guarantee you with our trusted products, services, and flexible payment rates to suit all budgets, to have a pest-free environ after we leave.
Our products range covers biological, chemical, and eco-friendly which includes insecticides in both sprays, liquid and powdered form, pesticides, rodenticides, insects and rodents baits and range of phyto-tech products for hot spot treatments.
Services offered covers both residential and commercial spaces which include:

Perimeter Application:

Here we use our expert skills to protect your perimeter from trespassing rodents and insects. Our rodenticides and insecticides eliminate all forms of pests and rodents that may be present in the perimeter. This service is repeated at most every three months in areas with less infestation.

Multi-insect Bait Application:

These are the ready-made products that are used as a bait to kill all forms of insects in and around your home with our technical personnel, these baits are placed where there are higher tendencies of reaching and eliminating the insects.

Hot Spot Treatment:

This is a bio-control approach to the pest. Here our technicians focus on the areas where the pests are highly concentrated and their hideouts.

Dust application:

The application of powdered insecticides to areas where bugs and pests can hide like wall voids. This dusts are long-lasting and protect your home for a very long time

Spider Web Removal:

Part of our spider control policy is to take care of webs and as a result, also get rid of the spider. Our expert technicians work with the type of surface to make sure no damage is incurred to the property.

Rodent Control:

Rodents usually are very difficult to ignore when they find their way around or into your home. Here a variety of rodenticides are applied to specific positions in your property to get rid of these four-legged destructive mammals.

Flea Control:

Fleas can be persistent in most homes and because of the presence of these pests, our flea control experts inspect the property before preparing a management plan which includes educating the client, identification of the species, using chemical and vacuum to control the fleas and come back for follow-up visits to make sure the problem has been taken care of.

Bed-bug Control:

Our bed-bug experts working with you and using our lamp control method help tackle the bed-bug infestation while allowing you to enjoy your sleep space. Our promotional discount control services help you to save up to 50% while enjoying free pest environments. These special offers cover the mosquito and termite infestation
In mosquito control, services include control of breeding spots, elimination of adults before getting to human occupants, using eco- friendly pest products and natural repellent indoors. In termite control, we use sentricon to eliminate the termite nest causing you to have free termite environs. Request services or call us at 515-519-3744
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Pest Control Ankeny

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