Pvc Roofing Mineral Wells Tx

Pvc Roofing Mineral Wells Tx

Bronco Roofing & Construction is your reliable provider of PVC roofing in Mineral Wells TX. Since 1990, we have been recognized to providing excellent, top class roofing services. Our PVC roofs are sourced from top manufactures and brands across the nation. All our roofing projects are executed using durable and reliable products. Our experts can handle the roofing project of both residential and commercial buildings. We also offer roof repairs, upgrade, and re-roofing. We promise to deliver outstanding services that will surpass your expectations.

What Type Of Roof System Is PVC Considered?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roof is considered as a single-ply roofing system. It is in the same roofing family as TPO even though they differ in so many ways. These type of roofing system requires only a single layer of membrane to keep the roof watertight. This is in stark contrast to others like built-up roof system where multiple layers are needed to make up the system. Single membranes of PVC are installed as roof and they hold up well.

Is Vinyl The Same Thing As PVC?

The short answer is no, vinyl is not the same as PVC. There are several individuals that use the two names interchangeably but it is wrong. While vinyl is a radical of ethane and is used to refer to several different ethane-based compounds, PVC is a polymer of vinyl chloride. PVC is rather a type of vinyl that is popular as a construction material and is becoming very popular for roofing (especially commercial roofing). Do not just assume that vinyl means PVC, verify the details of any material you want to use for construction purposes.

Is PVC A Good Roofing Material?

PVC is considered a very good roofing material. There are so many good reasons why contractors are becoming obsessed with PVC roofing. PVC is well known for its durability. On a flat and low-slope roof, PVC roofing’s lifespan is comparatively long. The material is resistant to moisture: this is a very important characteristics as moisture is one of the major causes of roof damages in residential and commercial buildings.

In addition, PVC is resistant to fire, chemicals, and strong wind. The installation of PVC roofing also involves heat welding that creates a permanent bond between each roofing sheet and keep the seams properly secured. Once PVC roofing is properly maintained, it will last for years.

Is PVC Roof Maintenance Really Important?

Though they are very strong and durable, PVC roofs still need regular maintenance. The maintenance is very important to ensure the longevity of the roof. During such important maintenance routines, the roof will be properly surveyed for any form of damage. All damages should be corrected before they escalate and cause other serious issues.

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At Bronco Roofing & Construction, we offer quality workmanship, prompt, and excellent services. We will dedicate every available resource at our disposal to offer you the very best of roofing services. No other roofing contractor has what it takes to deliver outstanding and unparalleled services like us. An amazing experience awaits you.

Pvc Roofing Mineral Wells Tx

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Pvc Roofing Mineral Wells Tx

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