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When looking for movers in the Bronx to handle your belongings, it’s important to find premier movers to ensure a hassle-free experience. You’ll also feel confident that your items will arrive in the same condition.

At Abreu Movers, we take exceptional care when handling our clients’ belongings. From white-glove handling to competitive pricing, you can trust us for your upcoming move. We work diligently and carefully so that your items complete the trip without damage. Our aim is for you to be satisfied with our services and refer us to others who’re moving.

Tips to Save on Your Relocation Expenses

Whether your move is small or big, here are top tips to help you minimize your moving costs:

  • Compare Quotes

It’s never advisable to select the first movers you get. Instead, compare quotes from several reputable moving companies you’ve shortlisted. That way, you can pick the one that fits perfectly into your moving budget, besides offering reliable moving services.

That said, don’t be too hasty to opt for movers with the cheapest rates. First, understand why they charge way less than the rest. Otherwise, they may be providing unreasonably low rates at the expense of quality services. For instance, you might end up losing a lot of the movers mishandle and break an expensive or irreplaceable item. Also, be cautious of overly cheap rates. Some unscrupulous movers may make up for it with stair charges or even charging for all the heavy items.

  • If Possible, Hire Movers During Off-Season

You can save so much by booking a moving company at a strategic time such as during off-season or even mid-month.

Mid-month and off-season are typically ideal for moving since movers don’t have so much business at such times, and so their costs tend to be lower. Try to avoid end month and weekends as those days are usually quite busy, and consequently more expensive.

  • Recycled Boxes

Using secondhand boxes to pack your items helps reduce moving costs. Quality boxes can be recycled and reused a couple of times before they need to be replaced. So, find out where you can purchase secondhand boxes. You can even ask family or friends who’ve recently moved if they can spare a few packing boxes for you.

  • Get Movers Who’re Adequately Equipped

Ensure your company of choice has a proper truck for moving. Find out if the truck can be loaded from the back and side too. Additionally, it should have a powered liftgate or ramp. An old-designed truck with none of these features means you have to cover the expenses of the time spent lifting your belongings into the truck.

Bronx’s Trusted Movers

Relocation means making a lot of decisions, with one of the most important being choosing the right movers in the Bronx. At Abreu Movers, we eliminate the hassle that comes with finding a top moving company—we’ve earned a reputation for ourselves as the best Bronx movers. With us, you’re assured of convenient, flexible, and affordable services. Get a free moving quote today:

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