Minority Certified 3pl

Minority Certified 3pl

The number of women owned businesses in 2020 accounted for 39% of all privately held firms. Building relationships with historically under-represented groups by partnering with a minority certified 3pl supplier such as WSA helps create an understanding of diverse logistics chains.

What is minority 3pl certification?

A commitment to adding minority product and service providers to supplier base brings a unique perspective to supply chains and logistics. Certification shows a commitment to dealing with the needs of different communities throughout the entire customer experience.

Third party logistics requires a commitment to handling more than packages. Providers deal with businesses, international supply chains, and customer returns. Understanding the need of every customer is important.

Do 3PL companies handle returns?

Customer returns are a major part of the 3PL business. Companies such as WSA receive and process goods in their warehouses before shipping directly to the customer.

Products that are dead on arrival or fall within a warranty process return to the warehouse. Specialists need to contact customers and determine if the return requires re-kitting or re-working.

Diversity in Business and Customer Contact

Knowing the needs of different groups is important. A company is only as good as its ability to understand every customer it serves. In fact, this is part of the journey mapping process vital to improving customer experiences.

Different groups purchase different products or the same products for different reasons. Knowing how and why people purchase helps craft strategies for storage and returns while helping scale warehousing solutions to meet demand.

Benefit from a 3PL Provider

Women and other minority owned businesses benefit when partnering with certified companies. Everything from a different set of products to different holidays impacts the supply chain.

Logistics needs to account for these differences to function appropriately. More than half of customers expect personalization and an understanding of their needs. In 2020, 73 percent expected better customer service than the year before. Knowing how to help everyone is a necessity.

Branding your Business

Minority certified 3PL businesses help with branding as well. Insensitive imagery can cause an uproar. There is nothing more tarnishing to a brand than showing customers that you do not care about them.

WSA packaging experts help you with logo printing, messaging on packaging, and images. Get in sync with your customers with branding that improves your reputation. Carefully crafted material makes you look professional and serves as a great marketing tool.

Mindful Software Integration

Front-end software is both psychological and technical. Being mindful of different mindsets helps you meet the needs of every customer.

Diversity is particularly important in website integrations. Content and imagery need to be considerate.

Where can I find a minority certified 3PL company in North America?

WSA works hard to meet the needs of every customer. Every voice deserves to be heard. In an age where customers expect personalized and terrific service, you need to show your customers that you care.

Our diverse business brings multiple points of view to packaging, software integration, shipping, and returns. Visit our website to find out more about our services.

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